Tenmoku water glass

From spring water to the source of water

This Tenmoku glass has a distinctive external pattern reminiscent of a rocky cave which contrasts elegantly with its dark interior.

Available in : Light red, Cream, Blue

W 9.7 cm H 10.6 cm Capacity 15cl



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Tenmoku water glass


The Team's opinion 

These glasses were a nice surprise for friends who came to dinner: they replace traditional water glasses and go hand in hand with Tenmoku mugs. At the end of the meal, one friend even kept it for coffee!

We really appreciated the change brought about by an unusual water glass and the SURPRISE effect it generated. !


Enjoy your morning coffee with a cup of over 10 centuries of history

Each piece is the result of the artisan's real craftsmanship

A world-renowned work

A mytic sale

A 12th-century Yuteki Tenmoku cup has sold for $11 million at the renowned Christie's auction house.

Papacy tea cup

A set of 4 Tenmoku cups was presented to Pope François by the Indonesian minister, including one created by French master artist Jean Girel.

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