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Craftsmanship is not a luxury, but a daily joy for everyone!

2 Cultures, 1 Passion

Born at the crossroads of two cultures, in China and France, Yong Yun has an innate passion for porcelain and ceramics, shaped by his unique heritage. His story takes a captivating turn when, while traveling in Asia, he stumbles upon the fascinating Tenmoku cups, masterpieces of Chinese craftsmanship. Amazed by these treasures, he is astonished by their absence in French culture, renowned for its culinary excellence and refined art de la table.

The intricate and mysterious making of Tenmoku art, an ancestral skill dating back to the 9th century, awakens in him a burning desire to share these jewels of craftsmanship with the world. Armed with his expertise as a digital consultant and his master's degree in marketing, Yong Yun is determined to raise the profile of these dedicated, little-known artisans. With the help of his childhood friend and close collaboration with master craftsmen, he embarks on a passionate quest to tell their stories and showcase the fruits of their labor.

This blend of tradition and modernity forms the core of its mission: to introduce the world to the delicate artistry and cultural richness of these works of art, while supporting local artisans in their quest for recognition and prosperity.

"Forget about LV bags or Porsches as a recipe for happiness - they're overrated! Do you really want to feel good? Have your morning coffee in an artisanal mug. Trust me, it's like turning your Monday morning into Friday night!"

- Yongyun after his 5th coffee of the day

Guiding you to the source of the art of the table

Having used Ikea plates and cutlery for much of his life, Vuthara with his friend Yong Yun, discovers handcrafted Asian cups known as Jian or Tenmoku, and is immediately captivated by this new world of tableware that he has never seen before. Extremely fascinated by this universe thanks to his training in materials chemistry and his artistic sensibility, he realized that the rarity of this unique and unexpected art stemmed from a very uncertain reaction in the kiln. Blown away by the complexity of this manufacturing process and the richness of traditional know-how, he devoured new knowledge about the manufacturing method and the various chemical transformations involved.

With Yong Yun, he has a single mission in mind: to introduce you to the unique and exceptional art of the table in all its aspects, particularly chemical, and to democratize this daily joy for all.

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