Tea cups are often used to enjoy a warm, comforting beverage. But did you know that these versatile mugs can also be put to creative uses outside of tea? In this article, we'll explore six creative uses for your favorite handcrafted teacups.

For storing cotton buds, toothbrushes or razors

Teacups are perfect for storing small items such as cotton buds, toothbrushes or razors. Choose a mug that suits your personal style and fits in with the interior decoration of your bian room. Reactive enamel teacups are particularly suitable for this purpose, as they add a touch of natural color and elegance to your bathroom.

As a soap dish

Looking for a practical place to store your small soaps? Use a handcrafted teacup as a soap dish. Its small size makes it easy to access, and simply place it inside the cup to keep it clean and dry. You can also use this technique to store sponges for cleaning your bathroom or kitchen.

For pens and pencils

Teacups can also be used as storage for your pens and pencils. Choose a teacup that is large enough to hold your collection of office supplies. If you use several cups, you can match them by color or pattern to add a decorative touch to your workspace.

At Tenmo, our tea mugs are a blend of history and tradition that will look great on your elegant desk.

Handmade mug, Made in Portugal, €20

Like a little vase for flowers

Teacups can also be used as small vases for flowers and succulents. Simply fill the cup with water and place a few flowers inside. Handcrafted white porcelain or ceramic teacups are particularly suitable for this purpose.

As a candle holder for scented candles

Our handcrafted teacups have already had great success hosting candles! The easiest way is to place a tea light inside the mug to create a warm, soothing ambience. You could also make your own candle with wax, which is sure to please both you and the recipient of this handcrafted gift! Our "gourmandise" mugs work particularly well for this purpose.

Candles made from "gourmandise" cups
Set of 5 "Gourmandises" cups, €50


In conclusion, teacups can be used creatively outside the kitchen. Whether you're looking to organize your workspace or add a decorative touch to your home, teacups are an essential choice.

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