Vacuity Zen Bowl

A fusion of Buddhist philosophy and utilitarian art

This Zen "Vacuity" bowl, or otherwise known as "Oryoki", is inspired by the nested bowls for personal use of Zen Buddhist monks. According to Zen teachers, the ōryōki cultivates gratitude, mindfulness and greater self-understanding. The subtleties of the bowls' shape and patterns can invite the practitioner to pay close attention to detail.

Its name "Vacuity" thus refers to an important philosophy of Buddhism, "the ultimate emptiness of intrinsic realities". This emptiness is expressed in the richness of the glaze patterns and bowl details formed naturally during firing in the ceramic kiln.



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Vacuity Zen Bowl


The Team's opinion 

Without a doubt, the most striking feature is the shape of the bowl. Unlike the bowls we're used to seeing, it's wider, a little smaller and very, very beautiful. What's more, we loved taking the time to admire the patterns on the bowl, which are really different from one to the next.

The team really enjoy using it for soups and rice dishes. 

Change and transformation

Based on the shape of the Oryoki bowl, the craftsman has used a reactive glaze that transforms randomly in the ceramic kiln. This design reflects the philosophical values of Buddhism: change and transformation.

"There is nothing constant except change."

- Shakyamuni / Buddha

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