Handmade Chinese chopstick in bamboo wood "Paille" (straw)

Enjoy your meal with handcrafted, eco-friendly baguettes!

Handcrafted chopsticks in natural bamboo with a clean, traditional design.

Made from winter bamboo by craftsmen in the Anji region of China.


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Handmade Chinese chopstick in bamboo wood "Paille" (straw)


These handcrafted bamboo chopsticks are perfect for enjoying your favorite Asian meal. Handcrafted by the artisan in China's Anji region, they feature a stylish tip with straw fibers that give them a unique and original touch.

A bamboo craftsman in Anji works with mountain bamboo using a traditional hand saw.

Bamboo, an ecological and sustainable wood

As anyone who has bamboo at home will know, this versatile plant is very easy (if not uncontrollable) to grow. It requires few resources and no pesticides or chemicals for its cultivation, which considerably reduces its impact on the environment.

What's more, bamboo is also highly renewable. Bamboo roots remain in place after harvesting, enabling the plant to regenerate rapidly and continue to produce new shoots. This capacity for rapid regeneration makes bamboo a highly sustainable, long-term renewable resource.

Anji's bamboos 

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