Tenmoku "Ge Yao" teacup

A handcrafted masterpiece that ages with elegance

This Tenmoku glazed stoneware teacup has a never-before-seen peculiarity: the micro-cracks on the cup will take on the color of the beverages consumed, and the lines will become more and more pronounced with use.

Directly inspired by the traditional GeYao 哥窑 ceramic style, renowned for the fine cracks that appear on the surface of the glaze after the ceramic has been fired.

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Ge Yao Tea Cup - A Handcrafted Masterpiece that Aged with Elegance

Discover the Ge Yao teacup, a marvel of craftsmanship that embodies the timeless beauty and authenticity of traditional 哥窑 art. Each cup, shaped and finished by hand by expert craftsmen, is a unique piece that tells its own story.Unique Features:

Aesthetic cracks :

The Ge Yao teacup is distinguished by its fine cracks, meticulously created in the ceramic. These cracks are much more than a design; they are the living heart of the cup. Over time, they take on the colors of your favorite teas, forming a map of your moments of relaxation and contemplation. In this way, each cup develops its own character, reflecting the nuances and flavors of the teas it has hosted.

Inspired by Ge Yao 哥窑 Style:

This teacup pays homage to the famous Ge Yao 哥窑 style, renowned for its intricate ceramic techniques and rich cultural history. Each piece is a bridge between past and present, bringing a touch of traditional elegance to your everyday life.

The Art of Authenticity:

A unique cup: The glaze cracking technique is often used deliberately to create a unique aesthetic effect on ceramics. Cracks can vary in size, density and shape, adding complexity and beauty to the piece.

A mug that tells a story:

When you choose the Ge Yao teacup, you're opting for a product that goes beyond its utilitarian function. It's a journey through time, an exploration of culture and a tribute to traditional art.

The Ge Yao tea cup is much more than just a container for your tea. It's a living piece of art, evolving and embellishing over time, while respecting the principles of sustainability and celebrating cultural heritage. It's the ideal choice for tea lovers who appreciate quality craftsmanship, uniqueness and tradition.

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