Tenmoku "Partridge" mug

No brushes or paint

This Tenmoku mug features an astonishing palette of singular colors and patterns.

These partridge feather-like patterns are the pure product of the glaze firing in the ceramic kiln.

W 9 cm H 4.5 cm Capacity 8 cl



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Tenmoku "Partridge" mug


The Team's opinion 

The team loves this exceptional color! Although the Perdrix glaze is already rare to produce, the green hue is even rarer to combine. The slight relief to the touch is sober and subtle, and goes very well with a long coffee or double espresso. 


Enjoy your morning coffee with a cup of over 10 centuries of history

Each piece is the result of the artisan's real craftsmanship

A world-renowned work

A mytic sale

A 12th-century Yuteki Tenmoku cup has sold for $11 million at the renowned Christie's auction house.

Papacy tea cup

A set of 4 Tenmoku cups was presented to Pope François by the Indonesian minister, including one created by French master artist Jean Girel.

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