Exceptional "Esprit Bleu" Tenmoku mug

Tenmoku "Blue Spirit" mug made by Master Chen Huizhong, a renowned craftsman from the Fujian region of China.

This mug has been named "Esprit bleu" by its craftsman for its incredible bluish glow achieved through a long-researched glaze recipe and particularly strict kiln conditions.

No industrial colorants have been added to achieve this deep, vibrant blue.

The mug comes with an attractive box and a card presenting the artisan.


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Exceptional "Esprit Bleu" Tenmoku mug


1 review for Tasse Tenmoku d’exception “Esprit Bleu”

  1. Cédric Maucoud

    Cédric M -

    A gift I gave myself that I don't regret at all! I've been extremely seduced by its elegance, and coffee moments have become my little moments of refinement.

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