Exceptional "Esprit Bleu" Tenmoku mug

Tenmoku "Blue Spirit" mug made by Master Chen Huizhong, a renowned craftsman from the Fujian region of China.

This mug has been named "Esprit bleu" by its craftsman for its incredible bluish glow achieved through a long-researched glaze recipe and particularly strict kiln conditions.

No industrial colorants have been added to achieve this deep, vibrant blue.

The mug comes with an attractive box and a card presenting the artisan.


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Exceptional "Esprit Bleu" Tenmoku mug


2 reviews for Tasse Tenmoku d’exception “Esprit Bleu”

  1. Cédric Maucoud

    Cédric M -

    A gift I gave myself that I don't regret at all! I've been extremely seduced by its elegance, and coffee moments have become my little moments of refinement.

  2. Francois Obert -

    Magnificent product, what a pleasure to observe the reflections of the tea at the bottom of the cup.
    The founder of Tenmo Yong Yun is an extremely nice person, and we had the pleasure of meeting him that day. We bought other products, all equally well made.

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