Autumn" cappuccino coffee cup

Cappucino-style coffee cup, ideal for long or milky coffees (Cappucino, café au lait...).

The mug is made using the reactive enameling technique by hand, to provoke patterns retouched by the chance reaction.

Enameled porcelain coffee cup + saucer

Capacity 250ml



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Autumn" cappuccino coffee cup


As the leaves begin to adorn themselves in warm hues of red and orange, and the air becomes cooler and crisper, there's nothing better than curling up in a cozy corner with a steaming cup of coffee. And what better way to celebrate the autumn season than with our handcrafted "Autumn" coffee mug. This unique, hand-glazed piece is a true tribute to this time of year when nature transforms and reminds us of the beauty of simplicity.

The "Autumn" mug is designed with exquisite attention to detail. Its yellow-brown color evokes the rich tones of falling leaves, while the jute and straw motifs that adorn it recall this season's bountiful harvest. Each cup is carefully crafted by talented artisans, making it a work of art in itself. The warmth and texture of the enamel add a rustic, authentic touch to this mug, echoing the warm atmosphere of autumn.

When you hold the "Autumn" mug in your hands, you can feel the handcrafted quality that sets it apart from mass-produced products. Each mug is unique, with its own subtle variations in pattern and color, making it a real treasure. Hand craftsmanship brings inimitable personality and character to each mug, making it much more than just a coffee container.

In the morning, when you fill this mug with your favorite coffee, you'll feel the warmth spread through the ceramic and warm your hands. The perfect size of the "Autumn" mug allows you to savor your coffee without rushing, enjoying every sip. Its ergonomic shape fits comfortably in the hand, making it the ideal companion for your moments of relaxation.

Whether you're a passionate coffee lover or just like to take the occasional coffee break, the "Autumn" mug is the perfect choice. Its rustic charm fits perfectly with the autumn season, and it will quickly become your favorite mug for enjoying your favorite beverage.

By choosing a handmade artisan mug like ours, you're also supporting local craftsmanship and the preservation of traditional ceramic manufacturing techniques. Every purchase of the "Autumn" mug helps support our community of artisans, who put all their love and know-how into creating these exceptional pieces.

In short, the "Autumn" hand-glazed artisan coffee mug is much more than just a container. It's a work of art, a tribute to the autumn season and a reminder of the beauty of simplicity. With its exceptional quality and rustic charm, it will quickly become your favorite mug for your coffee moments. So why wait? Treat yourself to this unique piece and enjoy your coffee in style this autumn.

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