Tenmoku "Star" mug

Porcelain tea/expresso cup with reactive glaze. Reactive glazing causes drops to fall from the glazes, making each cup unique.
W 9 cm H 4.5 cm Capacity 8 cl 


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Tenmoku "Star" mug

A cup unlike any other

This hand-crafted mug is inspired by the famous ancestral ceramic art dating back to the 10th century AD: Tenmoku. This is a traditional method of manufacture involving crystallization (enameling or glazing) with a changing character that forms the unique motifs without any human intervention.

The ever-changing characteristic of Tenmoku art is at its best with this star-shaped cup: the star shape at the bottom of the cup is surrounded by the glaze drops that fall naturally during kiln firing. The alternating white and blue colors are distributed in different places and shapes, all encircled by an ochre outline on the cup's rim.

The Team's opinion 

The star is certainly one of the Team's favorite cups. 2 years of use only enhances the beautiful drops of glaze that seem to be dripping down the wall. A creamy espresso could provide a nice contrast to the mug's rather dark color. 


Enjoy your morning coffee with a cup of over 10 centuries of history

Each piece is the result of the artisan's real craftsmanship

A world-renowned work

A mytic sale

A 12th-century Yuteki Tenmoku cup has sold for $11 million at the renowned Christie's auction house.

Papacy tea cup

A set of 4 Tenmoku cups was presented to Pope François by the Indonesian minister, including one created by French master artist Jean Girel.

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