Very popular for many years, the mug is a large cup. It is generally used to enjoy hot beverages such as coffee, tea, hot chocolate or even soup. It can also be used to bake cakes, known as "mugcakes".

To meet their different uses and, above all, all needs, mugs come in a variety of sizes and capacities. What is the average capacity of a mug? What are the sizes of the various models? Find out all you need to know about mugs in this article.

History of the mug

The mug's earliest origins date back to the creation of the first cups, made between 6,500 and 3,000 BC from bone. As technology evolved, wooden and then earthenware models appeared. With the invention of the potter's wheel, some of these cups could be fitted with handles. Pottery facilitated the production of this cylindrical container.

With the invention of porcelain in China in 600 AD, the edges of these cups were refined and the decorations more refined.

Since then, Asian tableware has diversified widely, conquering the entire planet. Mugs are very popular. Today, they come in many shapes, looks and designs. Less fragile than traditional cups, they can be made of ceramic, porcelain, metal or glass. Above all, mugs come in all sizes.

Different types of capacity

The English term "mug" has been democratized to designate a container larger than a cup but smaller than a mug. The average capacity of a mug is 350 ml. That's twice the size of a coffee cup. More precisely, most mug models hold between 240 and 350 ml. However, capacities tend to be larger, between 470 and 590 ml.

The size of your mug will depend on whether you're taking it with you, using it at home or in the office, or on the move. Similarly, some mugs are better suited to certain beverages.

Small mugs, up to 25 cl, are similar to coffee or tea cups. They can also be used as espresso mugs. They can accommodate these drinks at any time of day.

The standard size, between 25 and 40 cl, allows hot beverage drinkers to satisfy their cravings for coffee or other beverages throughout the day. These standard mugs include tea cups and coffee mugs. They're just the right size for maximum versatility.

Handmade blue "Tenmoku" mug, 500ml, €19

For larger consumers, XXL mugs are available to hold more liquid. They store large quantities of hot drinks. They can also be used for soups.

Among all these varieties are mugs with complementary features. Travel mugs with lids, for example, can be taken anywhere without the risk of being spilled. You can also opt for isothermal mugs to keep your drinks hot or cold for longer.

A mug with integrated tea filter, 500ml, Sierra glass mug, 20€.

The different mug capacities will suit everyone, for every purpose. With so many models to choose from, you're bound to find a mug to suit your taste, or to please the recipient if you decide to give it as a gift.



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