Tenmoku mug

Your coffee probably won't taste the same anymore.

What's better than a mug made with love by the artisan to accompany you in this precious moment for yourself?

This mug is inspired by the Tenmoku style, designed with a reactive glaze. Each mug is unique, with patterns formed naturally by the heat of the ceramic kiln. A magical masterpiece of nature!

W 9.7 cm H 10.6 cm Capacity 50 cl



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Tenmoku mug

The Team's opinion 

Upon receiving our Tenmoku mug, we were pleasantly surprised by its quality. With its thick walls, it retains heat perfectly, while its rounded shape fits perfectly in the palm of our hand. In the light, we admired the rich and random patterns of the glaze, as well as the stunning, glossy color of the whole. We are so proud of our acquisition that we are sure you will be too!

A reactive glaze inspired by Tenmoku

The artisan expressed a desire to apply the results of several years of research on Tenmoku glazes to everyday tableware. As a result, the creation of this mug has come to fruition with a perfect glaze naturally formed during firing, to provide you with a daily moment of contemplation and appreciation


Enjoy your morning coffee with a cup of over 10 centuries of history

Each piece is the result of the artisan's real craftsmanship

A world-renowned work

A mytic sale

A 12th-century Yuteki Tenmoku cup has sold for $11 million at the renowned Christie's auction house.

Papacy tea cup

A set of 4 Tenmoku cups was presented to Pope François by the Indonesian minister, including one created by French master artist Jean Girel.

Learn more about Tenmoku art

Weight 0.6 kg

Blue, Red, Green