Marisco" artisanal cappuccino coffee cup

Cappucino-style coffee cup, ideal for long or milky coffees (Cappucino, café au lait...).

The 'Marisco' cappuccino cup, with a beauty reminiscent of sea waves, is designed to enhance your coffee breaks. Made from high-quality glazed porcelain, it captures the visual essence of the tide with its bluish hues and timeless design. Perfect for cappuccino, this cup combines inspiring aesthetics with functionality, promising an enhanced taste experience.

Capacity 200ml



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The 'Marisco' cappuccino cup is a tribute to the enchanting beauty of the tide, designed for coffee enthusiasts and craft connoisseurs The visual aspect of the cup evokes the undulating movement of the sea, promising to transform every coffee tasting into an immersive experience.

Precision crafts :

Made with the greatest care, each enameled porcelain cup is the fruit of a rigorous artisanal process. Porcelain, renowned for its finesse and strength, is enamelled to reproduce the nuances and dynamism of the tide. This know-how gives life to exclusive pieces where each wave drawn on the cup has its own story.

Design Inspired by the Sea :

The aesthetic of 'Marisco' is a celebration of the sea and its whims. Blue and foamy hues, accented by touches of white, create a symphony of colors reminiscent of foaming waves. Its generous shape is designed to accommodate the rich froth of a perfect cappuccino, while the cup's roundness ensures a pleasant grip, reinforcing the bond between the object and its user.

Optimized user experience :

The 'Marisco' cup is designed to fit harmoniously into the daily ritual of cappuccino making. Its glazed porcelain composition not only preserves the temperature of your coffee, but also ensures remarkable durability and scratch resistance. Easy to clean, it is suitable for frequent use, resisting intensive washing cycles.

A Gift of Choice:

For coffee lovers and admirers of unique pieces, the 'Marisco' mug is the ideal gift.


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